Neck pain is referred to as cervical pain. Pain in the neck is most often due to stress and irritation of the tissues in the cervical region, particularly the facet joints and discs. The stress and irritation develops after an injury or over time secondary to poor posture, lack of exercise or repetitive stress, such as extended sitting and driving.

Postural and repetitive stress leads to muscle tightness and cervical facet joint stiffness and restriction. The cervical spine stiffness and facet restriction may lead to neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and cervical disc conditions such as a disc protrusion/herniation or disc degeneration.

Chiropractic Treatments May Include the Following:

  • Chiropractic spinal and extremity adjustments: Adjustments help restore normal motion, balance musculature and reduce pain.
  • Physiotherapy: To reduce acute pain and inflammation.
  • Muscle and soft tissue techniques: To help reduce muscle pain and tightness and improve muscle/ligament function.
  • Therapeutic exercises: Specific “low tech” rehabilitation exercises and assisted stretches are given to improve flexibility, function and strength and prevent re-injury.
  • Diet and supplement suggestions: An anti-inflammatory diet and specific supplements can help reduce neck pain.
  • Lifestyle modifications: Postural and repetitive stress activities may need to be addressed.