Don’t Let Pain Constrain Your Daily Life
Your body is an amazing machine. It tries to adapt to whatever you throw at it, whether it be the repetitive motion of physical activity or high levels of stress. But the motions and stresses of everyday life add up – and when they do, your body produces chemicals that “turn on” the pain nerves in your muscles, ligaments, joints, or blood vessels in the affected areas. This can lead to chronic or acute pain, including back pain, neck pain, and headaches.

Pain settles in these places because the injury, stress, and overuse can cause the 24 moving vertebrae of your spine to stop functioning the way they were designed. When that happens, it compromises your nervous system – and since your nervous system controls just about every area of your life, that’s a problem.

Whether it’s chronic headache pain, reduced range of motion, or inability to get out there and hit the field, trail, or court doing what you love best, pain inhibits our daily lives, and the worst thing you can do is ignore it.

What Do Chiropractors Do?
Chiropractic care is the first step toward healing the body. Chiropractic means “by hand” and is just that – a hands-on method to improving your physical health.

Chiropractors are known for treating back and neck pain, but their expertise reaches much further. Their techniques are safe and effective, and help restore normal function to your spine and joints. That means less of the pain and discomfort you don’t want and more of what you do want – healthy movement and a healthy life.

The most common form of chiropractic therapy is an adjustment. An adjustment is a gentle manual manipulation of your spine. Remember the chemicals that turn on the pain nerves? You also have pain-blocking nerves. And these manipulations, which are done by hand, help stimulate those pain-blocking nerves. Adjustments help reduce pain, muscle spasm and tightness, and increase range of motion and blood flow. Chiropractors use other types of therapy too, including various muscle/soft tissue techniques such as massage.

Chiropractors help reduce pain, but they take a more holistic approach – looking not just at getting rid of pain, but how to prevent it in the first place. Your chiropractor can help you come up with a wellness plan, including ways to protect and strengthen your spine.

Who is Southwestern Ohio Chiropractic Association?

The Southwestern Ohio Chiropractic Association (SWOCA) is comprised of a group of 35 chiropractic physicians in the Greater Cincinnati area. We are committed to helping people alleviate pain (without surgery or drugs) and live active, healthy lives.

As an organization, our mission is to promote the chiropractic profession locally, stay updated on the political and government issues affecting our practice, and share educational information on current chiropractic topics with other providers, as well as our patients.

To find a member of SWOCA near you, head to our “Find A Chiropractor” page